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Want to retail Prizma Halogenerators or Salt Life Branded Products?

Salt Life are looking for suitable partners to expand the Salt Life family throughout Australia and New Zealand.
You will need a keen desire to assist customers to a better and healthier life through professional service, care and enthusiasm.
We are seeking like-minded retailers and entities that understand that Halotherapy is a professional and T.G.A approved industry and as such, the care and quality of our treatment is paramount.
Salt Life has a quality reputation and industry accreditation for the wholesale distribution and sale of Prizma Halogenerators throughout Australia and New Zealand.
This is your chance to partner with an exciting and growing company based on ethical and professional standards at the cutting edge of this new and emerging treatment.
What does Salt Life Halotherapy offer?

Salt Life will provide full and comprehensive support to distribute Prizsalt Halogenerators and Salt Life branded Gourmet Artisan Salts, Salt products at wholesale rates, to on-sell to your client base. You will have on-going support plus no concerns over import duties, taxes or fees plus the advantage of a local supplier for back up, assistance and advice.

What are the requirements?

You will require a suitable A.B.N and/or A.C.N and preferrably you are already in or interested in Halotherapy or complementary therapies. Minimum orders and freight costs to your business will apply for products and we are happy to provide drop shipping for Prizma products. A full wholesale pricing and product list can be obtained on request and on confirmation of business details.
Interested? Want to know more?
If you think that Salt life can assist your business product range, why not drop us an enquiry via the email below and we would be happy to provide you with further details.

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